Liquid Barcodes is a global marketing technology company
with a dedicated focus on the convenience and fuel retail industry.

What we do

Liquid Barcodes is a technology company that redeems digital promotions in real-time for retailers, brands and partners. By powering digital marketing that allows flexible distribution and secure redemption of personalized offers and rewards, we enable retailers and brands to drive traffic to store and connect more closely with their consumers.

How we do it

We have the world´s most advanced dynamic couponing platform. When employed, retailers can take full advantage of closed-loop digital marketing across channels to increase frequency of purchase on their existing customers, as well as to effectively target new customers through paid/earned media or through their partners.

Why we do it

We contribute to transform digital marketing by closing the loop with the physical store. We enable retailers and brands to reduce costs, improve their customer dialogue and innovate with mechanics that engages customers and increases their spend and frequency of purchase.

Our clients