Our range of game concepts makes it easy for you to create engaging game campaigns.









Earn points through many sources: basket spend, specific products, app openings, games, behaviour, birthday, recruit friends


Register purchases through any digital payment channel: conventional credit and debit cards, new payment methods, your own prepaid and gift cards


Spend points in a shop-in-app - this gives you margin control




We have a wide range of concepts that increase frequency on your customers.


We bring subscription business model to brick and mortar stores - let customers subscribe to your coffee!


Our automation tool lets you create personalized customer journeys that are executed automatically.





Coupons done the right way: single use coupons, personalized to each user.


It's social: our social concepts let users share coupons and recruit friends.






Our customers and industry experts say this about our products and services.

Personalisation in promotional offers and rewards leads to better conversion rates.

Self-service dashboard and real time insight. Live loyalty.