Magda Newman

Customer Success Manager for the Americas and Canada

Liquid Barcodes
Liquid Barcodes

Magda's Journey

I started my career in hospitality, then earned an MBA in the early 2000s. Since then, I have held several positions in digital marketing, CRM and loyalty for small and big corporate companies, like Hertz, Samsung, and Shell. I am Spanish-born, spent my professional live in the UK, and now have relocated to the Malaga office and am loving it!

My number one responsibility is to ensure our customers feel cared for and attended to. Core to my job is to helping customers extract as much value as possible from the Liquid Barcodes platform. My ambition is to become their trusted advisor, an extended part of their team, and help them shape their loyalty program strategy and overall offering.

Outside of Work

I like keeping fit. I love the outdoors, walking, hiking, running, cycling, and swimming, and I have always done a bit of weight training. I also love cooking and enjoy hosting dinner parties for friends and family.

Liquid Barcodes

How Do You Take Your Coffee?

Having lived most of my live in the UK, I drink tea instead of coffee…with milk!

Liquid Barcodes

Favorite Loyalty Programs

Boots in the UK is easy to use and you can do split payments, points and cash.

BP in Spain is also easy to use. Points accrue very fast and I get discounts on a monthly basis.

Iberia airlines has good points, accruals, friendly check-in, and points are easy to use.

Best Thing About Living and Working in Málaga?

The weather, the lifestyle, the people!

Diverse, mysterious, and fun – Malaga is a great city and province with tons of options.

I love it!