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Stinker Stores: Gamification and Rewards

With a passion for delighting their customers in simple, fun and engaging ways, Stinker Idaho, has released a compelling app-based gamified loyalty program.

With a total of 103 convenience stores across Idaho, Colorado and Wyoming and over eighty years taking care of its customers, Stinker has customer delight at the heart of everything they do.



The Stinker reward app is designed as an easy and engaging way for customers to earn digital stamps every time they buy products such as coffee, donuts, fountain or energy drinks.


Stinker App

To keep things simple and easy for both the customers and store staff, Stinker has kept the instore experience completely frictionless. Users just need to scan their phone once to enjoy the program benefits and rewards.


Stinker App


A gamification loyalty program should not only be fun and engaging but also easy and clear. Users receive exclusive discount coupons and digital stamp cards and can play engaging games that are refreshed weekly, offering users a chance to play and win prizes.


Stinker Stamps


Stinker Games


In order to make the program effortless for both staff and customers, the app allows members to access all the program benefits just by scanning their membership ID (QR code) in-store. Members who identify themselves get further discounts on purchases, and these are normally funded by suppliers. They are also known as “level two” discounts.


Stinker Discounts App


From a business perspective, the new program also supports partner brands and suppliers, offering them a direct, digital destination where they can promote their products, creating a win-win-win between these brands, Stinker and of course the consumers themselves.

The app roves useful for customers, as well, providing a handy location-based store locator function and a unique feature for today’s difficult labor market – a job posting section.


Stinker app



Stinker Stores

Stinker Stores‘ goal is to deliver convenience for customers through a ‘one scan’ process. When customers scan the app at the point of sale, they can immediately receive a host of rewards, including dispensed beverage savings, award stamps or digital ‘card punches,’ and engage savings from bundled item purchases. Customers can play daily games in-app for a chance to win free products and coupons.

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