Convenience customer program that engage and reward shoppers

Narvesen is a franchise operated convenience retailer with a network of +440 kiosks in Norway. The Narvesen network service 200.000 customer visits a day which means that on average every Norwegian visits Narvesen approximately 16 times a year. Since 1894 Narvesen has been the leading convenience retailer in Norway. Today Narvesen remains the market leader and a refreshing break in every-day-life for busy consumers on-the-go.

Narvesen is part of the Reitan Convenience group which has a network of +2350 stores across Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Narvesen kiosks are typically at high-traffic locations such as metros, train stations, airports, hospitals and at shopping malls.

The convenience offer include coffee, bakery, freshly made sandwiches and wraps, pizza and hot dogs, yoghurts, bars and nuts, cold beverage, ice-cream and magazines.


Narvesen has been a pioneer in digital for a decade and have today one of the most used retail apps in Norway. The Narvesen app is an important marketing channel for both the central Narvesen team and the franchisees which can run their own local campaigns via the app. The app contains digital stamp cards and prepaid cards, coupon offers and rewards such as birthday reward and recruit-a-friend.

Narvesen customers can even choose their own birthday reward:


Narvesen is the preferred channel for supplier brands launching new products as Narvesen´s digital capabilities include doing lots of gamification mechanics. When new products are sampled via the Narvesen app the brands are able to engage the customers in fun ways using concepts such as hurry, chicken, scratch card and other games. Before a new product launch Narvesen can even sample the same product via the app to all employees via the app to ensure they all tasted the new product.


Download the app here.