Convenience at your fingertips: foodvenience app customer program

Leading round-the-clock convenience store chain Twenty Four Seven from Delhi-based KK Modi Group  have chosen Liquid Barcodes´ technology to power their app. Twenty Four Seven´s app program is attractive with recruit-a-friend rewards for any friend recruited, sign-up reward at registration and stamp cards on multiple products such as hot dogs, pizza and ice-cream.


Furthermore Twenty Four Seven uses multi-use and single-use coupons as well as many of our gamification mechanics. Examples include scratch cardhurrychicken and happy hour.




To keep users aware of what´s going on in the program Twenty Four Seven uses push notification to drive app openings and engagement.



In-store unique coupon codes are scanned and automatic rebating is done through an integration between Twenty Four Seven´s POS and Liquid Barcodes API.