Our industry-leading engagement platform allows convenience retailers to quickly launch reward programs. Find out why top-tier retailers trust Liquid Barcodes' expertise and know-how to migrate customers to app-based ACH.

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We have the right toolbox to motivate your customers to switch to ACH. 

Pass some of the savings to customers as loyalty rewards. 

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Sunshine Gasoline Senior Operations Manager Eddy Alvarez
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Eddy Alvarez

Senior Operations Manager, Sunshine Gasoline

"We were initially introduced to Liquid Barcodes after a global search for a partner who could help us build our program. What really sets LB apart is the customer service before and after implementation. The people behind LB have given us the confidence we needed to take our business to the next level. A product is only as good ad the people behind it."  

Maxol Group CEO Brian Donaldson

Brian Donaldson

CEO Maxol Group 

“This app is another milestone in continuing to reward and retain loyal customers and help move our business forward, both digitally and technologically. This is the only app in Ireland that offers FuelPay, a first to market and easier way for our customers to pay for fuel. By having our loyalty programme on a digital platform, it enables us to help make buying fuel and shopping at Maxol easier and more convenient for our customers.” 

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Convenience retailers all over the world have engaged and rewarded consumers with our tailor-made loyalty programs.


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Save Thousands in Credit Card Fees With ACH 

Retailers in every channel are squeezed with increasingly tighter margins on products, higher credit card fees, and more pressure to keep prices competitive. Businesses can see significant savings from accepting ACH payments over credit and debit cards. Here’s how to recommend that customers use them. 

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You lose 10 cents per gallon on credit card swipe fees. This is equal to your profit margin.

Save money

Retailers eliminate swipe fees with ACH payments.

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Screenshot of C-StorePay Step 2 Select Pump
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Liquid Barcodes C-StorePay conveniently allows customers to pay with the retailers' mobile apps. Switching transactions to ACH payment eliminates swipe fees and doubles the profit margin for retailers.
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Screenshot of C-StorePay Step 1 Locate nearby gas stattion
Screenshot of C-StorePay Step 1 Locate nearby gas stattion
Comparison of credit card and ACH mobile payment

Now is the time to switch to customer app-based ACH payment.

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