VIP zone is a mechanic that help you increase frequency of purchase.

Identify your app users who is buying coffee only once a week. Send these customers a ”Open VIP zone” deal – a unique coupon that communicates ”purchase one coffee at price X to get coffee at price Y (e.g. ½ price) for a full week!”

When they use this coupon they instantly get a new coupon – the ”VIP zone deal”: coffee ½ price, valid for 7 days. This coupon communicates ”use this VIP deal 3 times to keep it another 7 days”.

A customer use it once: The expiry date remains the same. But now the coupon graphics communicates ”use this VIP deal 2 times more to keep it another 7 days”. She use it two times more and the expiry date changes. She is given another 7 days in the VIP zone!

Allow your customers who enter the VIP zone to decide for how long they want to stay in the zone. The only way for them to do so is to keep up the frequency of purchase which you decide on.